North American Gothic

TitleNorth American Gothic
Dimensions30"L X 25"W X 3" Deep Relief
DescriptionRelief Plaque w/Moose & Pileated Woodpeckers
Ed. 10

This relief plaque is a parody of perhaps the most parodied piece of 20th century American artwork; "American Gothic" done in 1930 by Grant Wood.
It was commissioned to be the same size as the original, replacing the farmer and woman with a bull & cow moose. If you can compare an image of the original to it, you'll notice that although completely different in subject matter, many elements of the design echo major themes of the composition in a very whimsical manner.

The clients received #1/10 and #2/10 was purchased by the Maine Arts Commission for the Percent For Art Program. The rest of the edition is being offered for sale openly.
Commissions can be a wonderful way to collaborate on something unique & share your creativity as well!
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